A wide range of accessories completes Dr Italia production:

  • Pulling grip
  • Square shape cable guide
  • Cable guide
  • Cable guide with accessories
  • Anchoring and inversion device
  • Cable guide return pulley

  • Fixed cable guide pulley
  • Swivel cable guide pulley
  • Single/double support roller guide
  • Plug holder case
  • Damping spring
  • Pulegge

Accessories cards:

Pulling grip

Serie C810

Square shape cable guide

Serie GQ

Cable guide

Serie GC

Cable guide with accessories

Serie HGC

Anchoring and inversion device

Serie MFA

Cable guide return pulley

Serie PLG

Fixed cable guide pulley

Serie PLF

Swivel cable guide pulley

Serie PLR

Single support roller guide

Serie RGS-01

Double support roller guide

Serie RGS-02

Plug holder case

Serie CS

Damping spring

Serie C545




Cable festoon systems